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board of directors, who dedicate their time to the organization, below.


My Name is Jesse Casey. I was born ln, Monroeville AL.1953. My family moved to Pensacola Fl., when/ was 4 years of age. That was In 1957. I resided on Hogan Road in Pensacola until April of 2017, when I moved with my wife to Mobile Hwy, Pensacola Fl.. 

At the early age of 13 my father had me working with him in the construction trades, after school, weekends, and holidays and during summer vacations. By the time I reached the age of 18 I had moved up in that field to foreman for H.R. Doty Construction Company, at the Naval Air Station Pensacola Fl. I continued to work my way up through the, residential, commercial, and nuclear power construction fields. I acquired a position at Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant in New Washington Indiana, in 1980. As a

consultant to Public Service of Indiana, I was one of the five on staff below project manager, responsible for renegotiating all contracts, from lump sum to cost reimbursable contacts. I also filled a civil structural estimating position at the same time. 

I was an agent for National Assistant Bureau a 501C3 Non Profit Corporation and Vice President of Major Contracting INC. out of Nashville Tn. I was building Health Care facilities, such as Nursing Homes, Kidney Dialysis Centers and retirement homes, (Summers Landing) I was doing Jobs in Nashville Tn., Birmingham, Atlanta, Dublin, Cordele GA. and Panama, and Fort Meyers Fl. 

I have held General Contractor licenses for, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. 

In the early nineties I got tired of living out of a suit case. I decided to do away with all my licenses except for Florida. 

I am currently a Certified General Contractor for the State of Florida; I specialized in the masonry field for over 30 years. I started building houses in 2018 and finished those up in 2021. I have now been contracted to build a manufacturing plant in, Century, Florida. 

I have served on the Board of Adjustments (BOA) for Escambia County, and The Mass Transit Advisory Committee (MTAC) 

I was also on the board for Step Out and Walk for Diabetes.   I am now serving on the board for AMI Kids and Boys Base 

I am a Major In the Auxiliary Air Force (Civil Air Patrol), I currently hold a private Pilot's license , and I am a lifetime member of NRA.

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Vincent Fountain graduated from Escambia High in 1994, after growing up on the Westside of Pensacola. 


He has been a Transportation Manager for W. C. Kirkland Trucking Inc. for the past 15 years.


He enjoys volunteering in the community and serving as a founding Board Director of For The Child Inc.

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Jacqueline Knight knows from her own personal experiences just how important it is to acknowledge, support, and cultivate our youth.  In fact, when you speak to her, she passionately pays homage to those who recognized and believed in her abilities during the pivotal moments in her youth.  Forever grateful for those who spotted her sparkle and encouraged her to shine, she has spent the past 30+ years paying it forward.  Often without notice or fanfare, she has been a longtime champion for the children and families of Northwest Florida.  As Vice President of For The Child Inc., she will continue to advocate for the less fortunate, recognize the achievements of our youth, and strive to nurture the talent and potential that exists in EVERY child.  

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